Beware of Wire Fraud

The scourges of real estate closings are identity theft and wire fraud.  Millions of dollars have been stolen by fraudsters who have hacked the email accounts of a trusted advisor.  The fraudster impersonates the trusted advisor on an email, attaches bogus wiring instructions and tells the homebuyer to wire their money to the fraudster’s account. 

Wire fraud is a serious risk and all parties must work diligently to prevent it.  The most secure method to deliver wiring instructions is to do so in person.  We typically confirm the Seller’s wiring instructions with the Seller at closing. 

For Sellers who are unable to attend closing, we use a secure portal to confirm your identity and provide our wiring instructions.  We also use the secure portal to provide wiring instructions to homebuyers prior to closing. 


We recommend the following steps to help prevent wire fraud:
  • Deliver your wiring instructions to us at closing
  • Never use wiring instructions received through an email
  • Never use wiring instructions that were sent by someone other than a member of our team
  • Verify wiring instructions by calling the sender using contact information you’ve obtained independently, such as information found through a google search
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the validity of wiring instructions, call our office immediately
  • Act quickly if you believe you’ve been the victim of wire fraud. Contact your bank and our office immediately.
Some people may find such precautions to be cumbersome. We promise the threat of wire fraud is real and these processes are designed to protect you and your family.
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